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SWATI Flush Door

Swastik Plyboard brings to you another winning product: FLUSH DOOR. The plant which manufactures flush Doors has its own laboratory with strict quality control measures, which can match up to international standards. Flush Doors are made with selected seasoned timber, pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde resin under the cross bonding process. All this make Flush Doors dimensionally stable, termite resistant, and moisture-proof. They last for generations, in perfect condition. Whether you're constructing a house, multistoried complex or a township, remember for the best flush doors ever.


SWATI Flush Doors can also be provided with internal or external hardwood or teakwood lipping. Single leaf or double leaf doors with splayed or squared type rebate cutting. Openings for vision panel or louvers.

ALSO AVAILABLE (a) One side teak and other side commercial (b) Both side teak veneers Flush Doors can be made available as per customer's specifications at extra cost than standard sizes.
Standard Sizes:

1905 mm X 700 mm       2005 mm X 900 mm
2005 mm X 700 mm       2005 mm X 1100 mm
                                       (Double Leaf Shutter)
1905 mm X 800 mm

Standard Thickness:

25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm

Flush Door
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  • Selected timber, phenol formaldehyde resin and hot-press makes flush Door Waterproof, weatherproof and free from delimitation and warping
  • These features also make them dimensionally stable and extremely durable.
  • The Chemical treatment of timber makes Doors resistant to termites and fungus.
  • All these unique properties make them ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor uses.
  • Flush Doors have mechanized smooth face veneer that suits any decor, whether the doors are painted or polished.
  • Our Flush Doors have excellent insulating properties.
  • They keep out heat and deaden sound effectively, so that when used in an auditorium, they improve its acoustics.
  • Being extremely strong, they make every house or flat totally safe.
Technical Data:

Wooden Flush Door Shutters IS : 2202 (Solid Core Type)

1. Density (KG/m3) 625 KG/m3
2. Moisture Content 8-10 %
3. Glue Adhesion Excellent
4. Screw Holding Strength >225 Kgs
5. Nail Holding Strength (Kg.) >100 Kgs
6. Varying Humidity
(Adverse Weather Condition)
Dimensional Changes within 2-3%
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